Friday, October 8, 2010

Dolphins, Dugongs and Green Turtles at Risk -We must act now... Once they are gone, they are gone forever

Dugong -What an incredible and unique animal
I have copied this directly from the newsletter I received from Bob Irwin Wildlife Fund.

You can read the full story and see more images by clicking on the links below.

 Urgent!! - Act Now: Click and Save Tin Can Bay Campaign
Australians have just a small window of opportunity to help stop a marina development near Fraser Island, before a final decision is made by the federal government as early as November 2010.

Please click the link above to let Government know your concerns.

"Why do they need our protection?

The Great Sandy Strait and Tin Can Inlet are home to the threatened dugong, 5 of the marine turtle species and the rare Indo Pacific humpback dolphin.

These species rely on coastal or marine estuarine environments and are under pressure for survival throughout the world, largely as a result of human related activity. Two proposed marina developments in the Tin Can Inlet could have devastating consequences for the local populations of these beautiful animals.

Migratory birds are also under threat with these developments either totally within or adjacent to Ramsar designated wetlands of international importance.

What are the risks posed by marina developments?

Boat strike is a major cause of death for dugong and turtles

Disturbance to marine mammal behaviour through increased traffic

Noise pollution is a problem for dolphins

Direct harassment

Marine debris can lead to entanglement, serious illness or death

Destruction of critical habitat, seagrass beds and mangroves

Potential impacts on water quality impacting on marine ecosystem

Negative impacts on Ramsar wetland areas

Deterioration of habitat, such as sea grass and mangroves resulting from the construction process and ongoing dredging impacts on water quality, sedimentation. Whilst Dugong and Green turtles rely heavily on sea grass, it is important that we recognise that all marine species are reliant on the health of the entire marine ecosystem

Why is this the wrong location for marina development?

As shown below Tin Can Inlet and the Great Sandy Strait are very narrow waterways which vary greatly in depth. At low tide boats and our marine wildlife will be forced into the same narrow channels. Dugong have been killed by simply having nowhere to dive and then crushed between the boat and the bottom.

The graphic comparison between the relatively open waterways of Moreton Bay and our region demonstrates clearly that marina development in this area is inappropriate.

We must act now... Once they are gone, they are gone forever "

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