Monday, September 13, 2010

Scavenger Hunt

I need some basic comforts while I tackle the task of developing my Gum Tree Garden Studio, regenerating the creek area and planting for the Koala corridor.  Perhaps a bush shower,  an outhouse for the Porta Loo or perhaps even an Enviro Toilet, and a rain water tank.

Tufts of African Love Grass
An ongoing task will be the management of the African Love Grass that is crowding out any Native species that may be struggling to emerge. So a shed to store my tools would be nice and a shelter of some sort ...for relaxing and painting....even if only temporary.

I have been collecting all sorts of bit and pieces, but still there is not enough to complete any of the projects.
Shed kit and cement brick cubes
 For the outhouse/change room I bought a small 70cm x 150cm Absco shed online and found a camping toilet frame from the Op shop for $4.00.  It's ready to be set up as soon as I have a firm foundation.  My idea ,so far, is to use some cement cubes ...(the ones with holes in the middle - above)... one at each corner and centre of the longer walls....and perhaps in the centre of the shed floor.  Then fill the cubes with quick setting cement and fix the shed to these.   A cement slab is out of the question because of cost and poor vehicle access.
Pallets and Wooden Lids
 For the floors I have scavenged some hardwood pergola boards from my neighbour..... and four large pallets and wooden lids from our local Freecycle.  The block slopes down to the creek, so setting the sheds up a little will allow the water to get away.  I hope to pick up more pallets and lids for other structures like a bush shower and small fenced areas that will protect the native plants.

Bush Shower at Bestbrooke Camping Area
I found a lovely example of a  bush shower in the Bestbrooke Farm Stay camping area just outside of Warwick.  As one can see it is a very simple design and easily adapted to the rustic effect I would like to create.

Interior of Bestbrooke
Bush shower
So far I have collected A large blue drum to serve as a temporary rain tank, a bath tub, a tiny hot water system to store hot water either from a solar batch heater .....or an even simpler black hose solar collector on top of the shed roof.....(you can find this one on Green Power Science You-Tube).

I also pick up some nice Colour bond sheeting ready for one of the other sheds or a bush shower.  The tyres in the photo - above left - will be filled with rammed earth and used to manage erosion.  One can just see the hardwood pergola boards that I hope to recycle as the bush shower floor.
The next step will be the fences...I can not plant any natives until I have something to protect them from the neighbours cattle.  I managed to find one or two Star Pickets each trip to the Tip Shop and  have about 20 now in varying lengths..some I am using around the home garden for now.   Corner posts could be cut from the dead trees that were felled this time last year,but there won't be many  as most of the trees were eaten out by white ants and can only be used in landscaping, path edges or for creating swales to slow erosion.   Apart from that I haven't been able to scavenge much for fences....yet.

The search continues....


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  2. Hi Joan very impressive. I can see your shed and bush shower are going to be a wonderful creative place to work in.