Thursday, September 2, 2010

Looking for Material to Build a Wind Turbine

I have been searching an old style air conditioner - the type that fits into a window for nearly 12 months now hoping to use the parts to build a simple wind turbine.  Regular visits to the Tip shop and "Wanted " posts on Yahoo's Freecycle have not unearthed the bits and pieces that I am seeking.  The power generated should be enough top up my batteries when the sun is low and of course there is always the novelty of the creation. Here is a little gem that I found on Green Power Science You-Tube.

I hope it gives you as much laughter as it has given me.


  1. hi Joan, thanks for stopping by at my blog...I imagine the smell from the euca here.


  2. Years ago I saw a wind generator created from a bicycle wheel with angled blades on the spokes. I think they were using a dynamo run off the tyre to charge the battery.

  3. Hi Greybeard,
    Thanks, You won't believe it ...but I actually have the plans for the bike wheel/dynamo generator. They were put out by a company in Brisbane and I bought the plans at an Alternative Energy Field Day at Kingsthorpe about 30 years ago. I'll certainly look into it as another option.