Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Muse Waits

My outdoor studio waiting for meandering paths and abundant natives. 

It's only little over 12 months since I found my Gum Tree Garden Studio ...I haven't settled on a name yet, but "Gum Tree" will do for now to describe my little corner of the world. Gum trees grow nearly all the way down to the seasonal creek on the south boundary.  My three quarter acre outdoor studio is surrounded by undulating grazing land and a road reserve...with views of the setting sun.....and only cows and wild life for neighbours.
I never tire of the view.......... as the lights change the spirit is renewed

My vision is for place that will renew the creative spirit...... with paths that meander down to the creek,  edged with sweet smelling Australian natives that will attract abundant wild life. Perhaps  I would have a little studio...quaint and rustic, with a small wood heater and solar power.  There would be a rabbit proof veggie patch and a pond to catch the run off from  the steep slope.

I search the tree tops of each photo in the hope that a Koala will be there
There would be sculptures and functional objects made from the natural materials and the dead trees that are at the moment just lying on the ground.  The tie bush could be used the name tie things together. I am eager to try dyeing my wool and fabrics over a pit fire with the numerous plants in the area .

Sculptures and habitats waiting to be made 

A dear elderly lady..... Ailsa, who often walks the long dirt roads from her property past mine has told me of many Koalas in the area.  She said that one must look down...... not up...and when one sees something that resemble a chocolate coated almond that is the time to look up and take that special photo.

Searching the tree tops for wild life

My goal is to have a Koala corridor through my block and to do some
riparian work along the creek boundary using Australian natives.

Steve Plant from the Toowoomba Australian Native Plants Group suggested natives with fibrous roots are best as  gums can be uprooted by the floods and will take large pieces of creek bank with them.

The creek is looking very sad and in great need of riparian work

There is a lot of work to be done...most of it will be with recycled materials gleaned from various sources like Freecycle.

....... the journey begins.

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