Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Living in the Future - Cae Mabon

The Dream.......
This wonderful shared space in Wales is so much larger than mine. However, I can see at least one or two similar quaint retreats being built at the Gum Tree Garden Studio.  The areas are cleared, leveled and tentatively marked.  Trenches for the shed are well on the way and I'm just waiting for the blisters on my hands to heal so I can continue the creative journey.

Since 2009 there have been  a number of day visitors and campers enjoying the free retreat while still in it's raw state...... and many, many enthusiastic offers of help and requests to set up ones own project.  Sadly......even though I really enjoy the visits and enthusiastic company..... only four volunteers have actually worked beside me over the last 3 years with hours barely totalling a days work.  Perhaps as the project takes shape some of those promises will be kept, but I do wonder, at 70 years of age, if the dream of a Koala Corridor and  free Nature Retreat will ever be completed in my life time...............the journey continues.

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