Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What comes after the earthbag walls? Roof, Floor, Plaster

A lot of the design will depend on the type of recycled materials that can be found and innovative ideas.  The major expensive so far is the levelling of the site by the earthmover and the load of gravel yet come. 

Morgan Caraway's Picassa albums have some wonderful ideas on roof, plaster and more.  I share his idea of Styrene foam insulation using recycled  packing materials and I have bags of  prepared styrene foam pieces stowed away in my green house ready to go.

There is also a link to laying tile floors in an earthbag round house.

To see more ideas go to Earthbag Builders group on Facebook.

I'll add more ideas to this blog post along the way to use as a reference.   Creating an earthen floor is one that will be posted here soon.

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