Saturday, January 22, 2011

Floods Have Taken out the Fences

All the fences are down after the floods.  Well that's not as bad as others I know but it has put a lot of plans on hold....not good when one is on the sunny side of 70 on an aged pension and time is running out.  I must admit that feelings of despair do sneak in every now and again as I wonder how I can do all this on my own.  The dream of leaving rental accommodation and retiring out at the Gum Tree Garden Studio seems very distant at times. 

The good news is the waters did not come up to the section where I wanted to build....which means I will probably get council approval.

I checked with the neighbours and was told, that I will be able get into the block now as the council have done a quick repair job on the flood way crossing by dumping a load of rubble...... and if I drive with care I can get through the washed out areas of the dirt road leading to the block.

Large areas of farm land behind the Crow Nest Grounds and beyond became lakes during the deluge.  Many of the farmers out at Pinelands/Crows Nest area are still unable to work on their properties as the soil is so saturated their tractors are getting bogged.  So many have been affected by the floods and the ripple effect continues.

Trees and large branches have also come down and my friend Ailsa (sunny side of 80) said she removed one from my driveway in case I didn't see it in the 6 foot high Green Panic covering my driveway and damaged my car.  I must learn how to use that brush cutter I have sitting in the shed, we can't have this dear elderly lady moving trees out of my driveway.  The old carpet is loaded in the trailer ready to act as a weed mat in my driveway.   Hopefully it will help prevent the car from getting bogged as well.

Well back to baby steps........Champions win one step at a time.

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