Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Solar Dyed Merino Tops

"What happened to the wool in the jars? " I've been asked.  Well after weeks of wandering from one interesting project to  another ....and not really finishing any of them, I can now unveil my little experiment with solar dyeing. 

All are soft colours using Native Daphne, Acacia and beetroot skins. The darker green is Native Daphne. It turned to a lemon yellow when felted as you will see when I post at Kirton Kreations later.

The jars were left outside for about  2 weeks.  A small patch of mould developed on one of the batches, so it was put in the freezer, as recommended by India Flint and left there for another 2 weeks.  
I will be heading out over the holidays to collect more gum leaves and anything thing else that may provide an interesting colour.

 Happy dyeing

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